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MAI-DAN: Unique Jewelry Accessories with Style

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  • How to clean a 925 silver ring?
    There are several ways. I recommend taking a cloth like glasses, put a drop of spicy toothpaste on it and go over the ring until it is shiny again, then rinse with fresh water
  • How to clean a 925 silver chain?
    Soak for a few minutes in lukewarm water with baking soda, then go over it gently with a cloth and toothpaste until it shines again :) Can't do it? Come to the yellow studio and we will clean it for you
  • How do you check the size of a ring?
    In some rings, a size is written inside the ring and then you can compare in a size chart according to the desired size, or download a ring sizer app and only if you have a completely round ring, place it on the screen and see the circumference. If you want to measure the size of the finger, take a thread or a strip of paper and circle the finger, not too tight, not too loose, mark and place next to a ruler, if it comes out 6.25 mm, then this is your size (detailed explanation on the rings page)
  • How do you know what chain length to order?
    Standard length for a women's necklace is 40 cm, if you want it closer to the neck, take the 36 cm. For men standard length 60 cm if you want tighter then 50 cm.
  • How do you know that the jewelry is real 925 silver?
    Usually on every real silver jewelry there is a very small stamp of s925 which is the mark of the silver.
  • What causes 925 silver jewelry to turn black?
    925 silver turns black for several reasons: hair cream, perfume, entering hot springs/pool/hot tub, sometimes acidity of the body i.e. sweat, if left in a room not in a sealed box or bag it can oxidize from the air and turn black and any other chemical that touches it. The advantage of 925 silver is that it can always be polished to look like new.
  • Water resistant silver jewelry?
    So yes, with 925 silver jewelry, you can go into the sea and shower, and it's even recommended :) In the pool, I would recommend taking it off because it's all a pool, there are other materials and some of them may cause the jewelry to turn black.
  • What is the size of the bracelets?
    So our silver beaded bracelets have a standard length of 14 cm plus an extension chain at the end of course if you need a different size you can request in private, stone and macrame bracelets have an adjustable closure so that it fits each hand, each one closes according to the circumference of their hand, anklets 21 cm long plus an extension chain at the end. Our solid silver bracelets are open at the back and fit any hand.
  • How to clean a 925 silver bracelet?
    Take the bracelet, put it in a glass of lukewarm water with soda to drink, a few minutes later go over the bracelet with a soft cloth and a strong toothpaste, rinse with fresh water

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MAI-DAN: Unique Jewelry Accessories with Style

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MAI-DAN: Unique Jewelry Accessories with Style

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