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תכשיטים, שרשראות, טבעות, צמידים

This is our story, 
The story of our dream
We dreamed it from a young age when we went to bed and talked to each other quietly, before bed ...
We learned Photoshop and film editing before we learned English ...
That we have learned that our imagination has no limits ...
We have always loved to design, be original and perform. 
We made the first bracelets for sale in Scouts (maybe this is where the weakness for yellow was born?) And since then everything has rolled and grown ...
In 2015  We opened the  MAI.DAN Studio.
Since then we have also been studying - Daniel Design at Shenkar and May Zoref
Every day we design and produce jewelry, accessories, and all kinds of original details.
We promise to diversify, innovate and surprise you every time again.

One request to us to you
We ask, from each and every one of you,
Remember only one thing
Always always make your dreams come true
And always do what you want, love, dream
The best you can.

Daniel and May

Jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets
Jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets

MAI.DAN Studio - The "yellow studio" of the Yahav twins
"What was once considered feminine or masculine belongs to the past," states May and Daniel Yahav, founders of the Yellow Studio, adding: "Today, boys and girls alike wear unisex jewelry as part of their perception of themselves as a design project."

If you needed another representative example for Generation Z - for which there is no dream that is not achievable - these are the Yahav twins. This is the generation that gave the world the slogan YOLO - YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. There is no doubt - today after their yellow studio burns the chains in Israel and abroad it can already be stated - they live the dream - what started as a modest studio of two discharged female soldiers who just wanted to express artistic sentiment has become a crazy trendy and sweeping young LIFE STYLE.

May and Daniel represent the groundbreaking choice of Dorn's sons and daughters to pave an independent personal development path. Many good people like them have already changed the equation - first choose a dream and an area of excellence - and then learn everything it takes to make it come true. "Instead of just learning and then thinking about what to do, we create and while taking short courses in Israel online and abroad in the fields of design, marketing and new media. Among their friends you can find a talented chef, an angelic singer and a fashion designer. "Free time allows us to find time to develop our creativity and imagination and find diverse sources of inspiration," say May and Daniel, who just before the sky closed, returned from a jewelry course in India and a design workshop in Sri Lanka. Daniel, who recently started studying at Shenkar College, proves that with uncompromising talent and diligence, it is possible to learn and create at the same time, and May grew in independent study to become a marketing media anchor in new media.

For the information of the leaders of higher education in Israel - the change is already here ...

During her military service Daniel used to make jewelry as a hobby. One evening her friends organized a sale for the benefit of cancer patients and asked her to set up a pavilion to sell jewelry at the event. The Yahav sisters came with some bracelets and necklaces, the stall was a great success and people asked if they wanted to sell in open houses as well. They immediately turned the hobby into a business, they flew to Australia, India, Sri Lanka and many other countries and were inspired by a great many small businesses. They started marketing their own jewelry via Instagram, collecting new design ideas and drawing inspiration from nature and the sea. The business gained momentum and they opened their own small studio in 2015. May and Daniel decided to continue dreaming big and expanded the studio from jewelry to household items, paintings, wood art, shelves, flower pots and many other things - all of which they do, of course, themselves.

Today the studio is no longer so small and the two took a goldsmithing course, where they learned to make silver jewelry, handmade rings on the theme of the sea, the sun and summer, 3D jewelry design, gemstone necklaces and more. In addition, the home furniture, designed by Daniel, is made from recycled materials that they build themselves, from beer developers, shelves, a gas tank that has become a flower pot, a board that has become a skateboard table to a curtain rack - all products are recycled and environmentally friendly.

The products are sold at prices of NIS 50-300 NIS in the field of jewelry, while in accessories they can reach up to NIS 500. The studio of the two in Moshav Kadima is very impressive and the yellow color dominates it, it should also be noted that all the products can be found on the site that the girls built alone on WIX. Beyond that, there are products that are sold only individually, so you should hurry. The Yahav sisters take care of answering each customer personally on Instagram or mobile, where customers can consult with them about everything - they call, ask questions and each can request a customized product: length, shape, colors and the like.

In a conversation we had with them, they said: "We learned that our imagination knows no bounds. We have always loved to design, be original and perform. Since we opened the studio we also study, Daniel Design at Shenkar and May Goldsmith. Every day we design and produce jewelry, accessories and all kinds of original details. We promise Diversify, innovate and surprise our customers every time.Remember just one thing: Always fulfill your dreams and always do what you want, love, dream - the best you can.What next? We dream of opening a yellow boutique store with a small cafe Which includes our products, jewelry and home accessories ''.


Jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets
Jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets
Jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets
Jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets
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