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Ella necklace

Ella necklace


Ella is a girl of love and giving, ready to help in any situation. A huge soul with a heart of gold.

Ella went out to celebrate life the way she likes at the Nova Berai festival

On the morning of the 7th of October, Ella was shot and seriously injured

After a brave struggle of about three weeks, she died of her wounds.

We thought about how we could commemorate her and that's how the idea of the necklace came about.

The idea for the necklace came from two tattoos that characterized these

The jellyfish - one of three she had along her leg, it was impossible to miss them.

The scorpion - which decorated her arm and characterized Ella with the quietness and stinginess that stood out from her, which she did to commemorate the possibly late partner of her mother, who raised her as a daughter.

In the end we combined the two things together and arrived at the precise and delicate chain that characterizes these and will make us feel it close.

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